Welcome 2021 with a nurturing touch through Infant Massage Workshop!

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What babies need are Baby Kneads

At #MyBabyKneads, we are all about the bond. The physical contact between parent and child is magical. It creates that special affection and security the child has towards the parents and vice-versa.

We have nurturing programs that can assist parents on how to engage, bond with their child through infant massages from as young as 0 to 12 years of age. It will be an educative and fun experience for both parent and child.


Spark your magical moment and escape the mundane.



Collaborations are always welcomed. Be it a day out for the families or day of fun with children.

We have programs for all groups and children 0 to 12 years of age.


We don't have potions, spells or incantations.

But we do know how to help parents and children create that magic moment of bond through concise infant massage techniques.


What Parents Say


Lee F.

"I attended the programs because my baby had bad colic. He cried non-stop at night and I was so worn out after a few nights. But this program gave me the biggest guidance to solve more than just colic issue. I could have joined this classes much earlier!"


"I am a first time mom. This educative program gave me lots of knowledge of how to read and bond with my baby. I don't feel embarrassing when I had to ask question nor step away to attend to my baby. Because it's a baby centric program which I enjoy a lot!"

Mr. S

"For a father I will send my baby to doctor if anything not right. Until i found My Baby Kneads, I learn about words from a father mean so much to a child, infant massage helps my baby sleep better and I learn how to read her better. A very good program for new parents!"


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