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#MyBabyKneads offer programs which is a child-centric approach. These programs are delivered by certified instructors to guide parents to learn about their's child's cues.

All programs are child safe and customizable based on the individual child's needs. Because we believed a happy child makes happy parents. Yesh!

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What babies need is baby kneads. Today we know just how much newborn benefits from massage and that all babies, particularly low birthweight babies, often thrive when exposed to human touch. Over 100 studies confirm the wide range of massage benefits for common maladies from gas to colic to sleeping problems. Let’s unpack some of the biggest benefits of baby massage today!


There’s no denying that some of these benefits are pretty amazing, but take your child’s lead. If he/she doesn’t like the massage, just stop for now; you can try again when the baby is less fussy. Baby massage doesn’t have to be perfectly executed to be effective between you and your baby. Just be safe, have fun, and enjoy bonding with your baby!



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