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6 Infant Massage Mistakes To Avoid

Infant massage is to strengthen communication during social and care giving interactions.

Here are a few to avoid and learn:

  • You learn massage from YouTube videos.A: Infant massage strokes are not something you can learn overnight by watch all the videos. Every child is different. Some babies like longer massages, but others like it short and sweet. Some prefers back massage than hands and face. Hence parents must learn to observe and respect their baby’s cues, and this is best learnt with the help of a certified infant massage instructor.

  • Get a total stranger to massage your baby. A: The bonding between parent and child is as important as the technique, if not more. By allowing someone else – other than yourself or spouse – to do this intimate activity with your little one, you disturb that bond and emotional relationship. Worse, you may also unwittingly teach your child that it is okay to be touched by strangers in an intimate way.

  • Know the strength used. A: A gentle but firm touch is calming, which is why most of the baby massage strokes we teach parents are done using the entire hand or palm.

  • Best time and worst time to do infant massage. A: Working parents are busy and some may turn on computer/tablets while doing infant massage - multitask. This is a no-no. Reason is that when concentration keeps getting cut off during a task, it breaks some processes in your baby’s brain. That can affect his/her capacity to learn to concentrate and focus later on. Welcome to join the classes to find out more that includes do I massage a fussy baby, when to massage and what kind of weather is best to massage your baby etc.

  • Avoid scented essential massage oil. A: The nose knows. Babies sense of smell is incredibly strong, and it helps them learn about people and places, and guides the development of their other senses. The added fragrance from oils or other products may also interfere with her ability to recognise her parents’ unique body scent, and affect the bonding process. Essential oils are a definite no-no because some studies suggest it can be dangerous to a baby’s nervous system.

  • Infant massage with more interactive elements. A: This is not true. You can pick up infant massage again whenever, at any time, follow your child’s cues to know when to start or stop a massage. As there are different stages of a baby's growth, you may include songs or nursery rhymes along the massage which you will learn during the classes.

#MyBabyKneads is here to guide you along! Do feel free to write to us to find out more about infant massage

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