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Finding the Right Plan for You

Because every child is different, hence our programs are fully customisable to suit.

Only with the right combination, can magic happen. 

Choose A Program To Go

  • Introductory Lesson

    Parents-child Friendly Introductory Lesson
    • How can you do with your child within an hour
    • How to interact with your child during massage
    • How massage can be carried out anywhere
    • What fun stuff can we do during massage time
    • How to read your child's cue during massage
  • Zoom Infant Massage

    3x Online Infant Massage
    • Learn the right technique and strokes to massage your child.
    • Learn the power of resting hands.
    • Learn how massage and fun can be best friends.
    • Learn how to read your baby cues.
    • Learn best time to massage your child.
    • Three x 45mins weekly online session with notes provided.
    • 1x completion cert!
  • Any 2

    Choose any 2 lessons
    • Prenatal Back Touch Program
    • Infant Massage Trial
    • Nurturing and Movement Trial
    • Parents and Kids Fun Touch Trial
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