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Infant Massage with Gentle Movement

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What do you with your baby at home during this covid-19 period? Are you running out of idea of what to do with your baby? Every minute feels like an hour long, while you refused to turn on TV, you can't possibly sing song the entire day or read storybook throughout. Being a full time caretaker is straining and tiring!

Yet, there is uncertainty of what and how to introduce play to your little one especially the first 3 months after birth, simply newborn is fragile, soft and not much of interaction.

With #MyBabyKneads, we are here to guide and share tips and tricks. Here's something you can exercise with your baby anytime. Read on.

As you are already know infant massage and bonding help to release happy hormone (oxytocin) to keep your baby happy and relax. Infant massage also helps increase memory and loosen tension due to environmental stress.

While infant massage can be carried out anywhere anytime, here's another exercise you can explore as well call Gentle Movement which is a mini exercise to play with your baby. It is nurturing, gentle yet fun!

Here you go!

  • Advice to perform this on the floor on a mattress. Or do watch your baby if you are doing it on the bed to avoid fall.

We start with arms by holding both arms.

Up so high [Stretch arms up]

Down so low [Bring arms down]

Give a little shake [Wiggle hands at wrist]

And hold them so [Put palms together]

This is my right arm, hold it flat [Hold right arm out to the side, flat on surface]

This is my left arm, just like that [Repeat with left arm]

Right arm [Bring right arm cross chest]

Left arm [Bring left arm cross chest]

Hug myself!

Left arm [Open out left arm]

Right arm [Open out right arm]

Catch a little elf! [Bring palms together quickly, then ask, "Did you catch him?" and peek in the cupped hands]

Share your view or record your little one's expression after the exercise. Have fun giggling!

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