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My Baby Kneads

#MyBabyKneads offer programs which is a child-centric approach. These programs are delivered by certified instructors to guide parents to learn about their's child's cues.

All programs are child safe and customizable based on the individual child's needs. Because we believed a happy child makes happy parents. Yesh!

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 Baby & Kids Nurturing Program

My Baby Kneads Infant Massage

Infant Massage Masterclass Program

Weekly Program

Infant massage is a way to gently nurture and spend time with your baby. It also reduces stress while creating more happy hormone.

A weekly lessons that cover face to toes massage techniques and fun facts.


Through these lessons, you will learn how to watch your baby's cues and responses, knead techniques to make make your baby relax and calm. Most importantly, to have the quality bonding time with your baby to build a secure and happy relationship.

It is best for infant from birth to 12 months.



Kiddo Masseuse For 4-12 Of Age

Weekly Lesson

Is your child a kinesthetic learner? A child-centered program for every child attending school experiences positive and nurturing touch every day. 

Children doing the simple routine of movements promoting moments of well-being in the context of the classroom or family. This helps to lower their stress levels, increasing their chance for better concentration at school and better sleep at home. This program also helps to improve the well-being of children in our society today.

Weekly classes that are suitable for 4-12 years old, either with only children or parent-child class setting.



My Baby Kneads Nurturing Movement

Baby Rhyme & Play


Weekly Program

Music and rhymes are part of our language and singing with play help parents to interact with their babies or toddler as part of fun play and a fun way of interaction.


Nurturing gives opportunities for early learning, through interactions that are emotionally supportive and responsive. 

Learn through weekly lesson on how to bring both nurturing touch and movement together to improve development, same time to introduce guided play to your baby to increase memory. Program splits sessions and each to cover interactions for tummy movement, fingers and toes, hands and legs, face and back movement.


It is best for crawlers and up! 



My Baby Kneads Prenatal Back Massage

Prenatal Back Relief Workshop

90 mins Lesson

Now that you are pregnant, you probably can’t go back to your usual masseuse. All you will need is some anytime-massage-steps that help to relieve back discomfort, improve sleeps and blood circulation.


Most matter, it relaxes you because happy mummy pops a happy baby! 

Get your husband or partner to participate to learn how to support you with a soothing and relaxing 90 mins back relief massage lesson. All you need is a chair and a pair of warm hands.

It is best for pregnant woman after second trimester.